Friday, February 27, 2015

An antiquated idiom story - "What a bummer!"

Here's an "antiquated idiom story" from a few years back. For about 18 months I had been practicing the "Love and Logic" principal, both in parenting and classroom discipline -- that's an approach where you empathize with the child first, using phrases like, "I'm so sorry," to keep him or her engaged - and then you follow up consistently with a firm consequence. I practiced with AJ using the phrase, “What a bummer!" (an unpleasant experience) quite a bit to engage him. 
One day, after some months, I was thinking about idioms and it dawned on me to ask my son if he knew what "a bummer" meant. AJ looked at me and seriously asked, "Is it a boat?" I queried, "Do any of your friends used that expression at all?" ..."Uh, no," he replied.
It was then I realized that I was a bit out of touch, using an antiquated idiom, and had better be careful of the words and phrases I use if I want  “Love and Logic” to work! :)

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