Friday, February 27, 2015

A dog is housebroken?

My friend, Gaby from Ecuador, was told by a friend that her dog was "house broken!"  Gaby thought a part of the house such as a wall was broken, but couldn't understand how the dog had broken it.

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  1. Oh my! :) English “housebroken” and also “housewarming” are locutions so semantically specialized (no connection to “cracked” homes or domestic “heating”) that they can be regarded as true idioms – as opposed to “housekeeper” or “house keys.” You could say “storekeeper” or “store keys, ” but “storebroken” would sure be odd! Speaking of “housebroken,” our new Red-tick Coon Hound mix pup, Angel, still christens our carpet on occasion! (Ugh, test of patience, LOL!)