Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"It's Raining Cats and Dogs!"- perhaps a snake, a toad and a husband, too?

Melissa's charming idiom story made me think of my experiences translating the expression "It's raining cats and dogs!" - in reverse! As a FL student learning Spanish, I wanted to find the Spanish counterpart of this idiom.
The one that made me laugh most was, "Llover sapos y culebras." – “To rain toads and snakes.”  Equally funny, in Colombia (where it rains all the time in places like Bogotá), people rolled their eyes and said "Están cayendo hasta maridos." - “It’s even falling husbands!”. Or, you can say, "Caen chuzos de punta." - "It’s raining bucketfulls!"

Some Spanish-speaking countries use the idiom "perros y gatos" (“dogs and cats”) in another context, but it's not about rain! It's about getting along:"Se llevan como perros y gatos."  - “It’s raining like dogs and cats.”  This Spanish expression refers to when two people - friends, brothers or sisters -  have a bad relationship and fight like dogs and cats!


  1. I especially like the one about husbands!

  2. I especially like the one about husbands!