About me & ESL - Let's "Make a Splash!"

Having an impact, one idiom & one ELL at a time!

Hi! My name is Kay Almy. I'd like to introduce you to my Idiom Blog, to my son and to a little bit about me: 

When you are immersed in English as a Second Language both as a parent and an ESL teacher, as I am, you eventually get beyond the "treading water" stage and want to move upward and onward to "Make a Splash" - to have an impact and make a  difference (while having fun!) in your little ESL corner of the world. As the mom of an English Language Learner, I have been "living" ESL, both linguistically and culturally, for over a decade! Our  son, AJ, now 18, was adopted from Bogotá, Colombia 10½ years ago. He was unable to read and write in his native Spanish, and had no foundation in his new second language, English. I have my MAT in Spanish and am TESOL-endorsed, but my most valuable, insightful - and humorous - ESL learning experiences have happened on the home front! 

It is with AJ's permission that I share some of his "Idiom Adventures."  I will aslo share other stories and tips that have enriched my ESL education with you in this blog. We want to hear your idiom stories, too! If you would like to post, please fill out the Comment Form and I will send you details on how to sign up.

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